C's The

Data Driven Composition

C's The Data facilitates data-driven exploration of the CCCC programs using big data practices.

C's The Data collects JSON objects recording session and speaker information for the past few CCCC conventions. These data sets facilitate computational experiments on the CCCC programs to better facilitate a big-data focused understanding of our history as a profession.

The structure of the data set is featured in the right column. The speakers and sessions tables are designed to operate together (querying speakers by id in the session table and querying session by id in the speaker table). Additionally, JSON can be easily converted into other formats (CSV, SQL, etc) for specific operations.

For more information on working with JSON in various languages, click here for Ruby, Python, and R. JSON files can be natively loaded into javascript and be loaded remotely using jQuery's parseJson method.

Sample Code

], function($,_){
  $.getJSON('db/sessions.json', function(data) {
    sessions = _.map(data, function(session) {
      if (_.isArray(session.speakers)) {
        session.speakers = _.map(session.speakers, function(speaker) {
          return speakers[speaker];

      return session;
    sessions_db = _.keys(sessions);

Module Features

Session Archives
  1. Paper Titles
  2. Speakers (indexed by key from Speakers)
  3. Type
  4. Time
  5. Location (where available)
  6. Panel Descriptions (where available)
Speaker Archives
  1. Name
  2. Institution
  3. Roles
    1. Session ID
    2. Role (speaker, respondent, chair)
    3. Title (where applicable)